The Good News of the Gospel

Lately my personal reading has been in Matthew 5, which is commonly referrerd to as the Sermon on the Mount. There Jesus reminds his disciples that those who are blessed are those who are poor in spirit. This refers to those who acknowledge their desperate need for Christ’s all sufficient grace. Our human brokenness points us to the wholeness found in Christ.

Anyway, these things have been permeating my mind. The following statement was made in class this morning. The Holy Spirit clearly spoke through this to me and my prayer is that He will speak to you as well.

“Don’t be discouraged if you do not always see numerical growth in your ministry. As long as broken hearts are being healed by Christ, the Kingdom is indeed being advanced.”

This statement was made in reference to Christ’s promise to restore Creation. We may not always know Christ is working, but He is.

He is healing our brokenness. That’s the Good News of the Gospel.


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