Introducing Dustin Walters

Exciting things are happening at Everyday Theology. I want to introduce our readers to a new regular contributor, Dustin Walters. Dustin and I met on the campus of Welch College. One semester we were privileged to participate in a dorm LifeGroup together, which was probably where our friendship began growing. Over the years we have managed to stay connected, even though we have served in different ministry roles and in different states.

About Dustin

Dustin is an Alabama native who currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral ministry in 2016. After he completed his studies at Welch, Dustin spent ten weeks as a summer intern in South Georgia where he applied his education in a local church. That internship afforded Dustin opportunities to preach regularly and assist the pastor with various member care and administrative tasks. Following his internship in Georgia, Dustin moved to New Orleans where he began pursuing a Master of Divinity in Expository Preaching. Dustin moved to Indiana where he served as pastor for a season and continued his theological training remotely. Providence moved him to Louisville where he continues his theological education.

Dustin enjoys meaningful conversations about theology and ministry and loves a good cup of coffee. His favorite pastor in church history is Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who embodied what it meant to be a sold-out disciple of Jesus and pastor. His favorite Old Testament book is Deuteronomy, and his favorite New Testament book is Colossians.

You can connect with his personal blog here.

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