Top 5 Pens for Pastors

Rollerball. Ballpoint. Fountain. All of these describe the types of pens available to the pastor. Pens are an intricate part of people’s lives. You need pens for specific things – taking notes, making grocery lists, signing papers, etc. 

However, there are certain reasons pastors need pens also. I, for one, use a pen every single day in my office. Every day, nearly, I am preparing for a sermon for Sundays or Wednesdays. One of the practices I’ve always had is that I write everything out before I ever type them and print them. I do not take hand-written sermon notes into the pulpit; I always take typed notes. 

The many practices I do throughout the week demand me several writing instruments and I’d like to share my top 5 with you from least to greatest (simply click the name to see buying options):

  1. Foray Rollerball 0.7mmThis pen is a great entry pen for an everyday writing utensil. It has good action and a good writing flow to it. It does, however, bleed through the pages quite a bit if the paper is not a higher quality paper. It does spread quite a bit, also, if you hold it in one spot for too long. For this reason, it is the least favorite of mine on the list. It does, however, write very well for a cheaper pen. 
  2. OHTO Liberty RollerballThis pen, though cheaper than the previous one, has a much higher quality “feel” to it. It could be the ceramic material of which it is composed. The OHTO Liberty has wonderful writing feel to it and also has a great feel in your hand. It is a bit of a weightier pen, which gives you a better grasp and control when writing. This is the main pen I use when reading books. 
  3. Cross Century II Medalist RollerballThis pen is the pen I received from my dad for my ordination into the gospel ministry. This pen has been with me for the last 5 years and is the “main” pen I use for sermon preparation and signing letters and such. This pen is much smaller than the OHTO Liberty but nonetheless is no lesser quality. In fact, I would rate it a better quality because of the feel and writing. Its best feature is the diameter. It is very thin, which means it is very easy to carry along with you in a shirt pocket or a bag. 
  4. TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen. This pen introduces the two fountain pens I own. This pen, however, is a wonderful option for the fountain pen novice who is interested in them. At just above $30, this pen is a great starter pen for anyone interested in fountain pens. It comes standard with a piston ink filler which could be a bit difficult to understand for a beginner. However, it does do the job of introducing anyone to the fountain pen world. 
  5. Sheaffer PreludeThis pen was my father’s day pen from my wife this past year (2018). It has been my go-to fountain pen for everyday writing and note-taking. I carry it with me often and use it during class intensives when I am away for a week at a time. It has a nice metal body with a medium nib. Although I would prefer a fine nib, this medium nib does not allow the ink to gush too heavily. It writes well from the start and comes standard with ink cartridges and also a piston converter. 

These are just a few of the pens I love to use almost on a weekly basis. You may find some of them useful and others not so useful. However, these pens all are worth the buy if you are into collecting them.

Another great outlet for pens is Mark Price’s, The Pastor’s Pen. Mr. Price crafts his own pens from different wood options and sells them as a hobby. His products are wonderful and worth the attention. 

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