An Open Apology to the Late R.C. Sproul

As a Reformed Arminian, sometimes the doctrines we believe can be misunderstood, miscommunicated, and misrepresented by those who differ. I have often made some stabbing comments toward Calvinist brothers who have made jabs at Arminians saying things like:

“Arminianism is pagan theology.”

“You cannot believe the Bible and be Arminian.”

Recently, I was browsing through YouTube, as I often do, looking for videos of sermons to listen to while I prepare my own sermons to preach. While searching, I came upon a video with the following label: “Are Arminians Christians?”

I bet you can’t guess who the one being asked the question was! You guessed it; R.C. Sproul. Now, let me say that I have always respected Dr. Sproul for his philosophical intelligence toward Reformed Theology and his clear teaching on the Scriptures. Of course, however, I’ve always disagreed with his views on election and predestination – much like Arminius did with Calvin and others (although I’m not equating myself with such men).

However, I’ve often criticized Sproul for making such comments against Arminianism. Of course, there will always be some sort of “disagreement.” But I have seen Sproul take it quite a bit further in some sense, or so I thought.

Then I watched this video:

After watching this video, I had to repent. Of course, I disagree with him, but Sproul is a brother in Christ nonetheless. And although they will most likely never see this, I want to publicly apologize to R.C. Sproul and his family and those who hold a soteriology similar to his for my lack of empathy and unity among the brethren.

In all seriousness, I’m not sure there was a greater mind in the twentieth century than R.C. Sproul. He was one that could think so quickly on the spot with a most biblically fundamental reply. He had girth to his lectures and depth to his sermons. His teaching will last throughout the ages, for it has the anointing of God upon it.


To R.C. Sproul, rest in peace until we meet again, brother.


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