Bible Review: The Worldview Study Bible

9781433604348The CSB Worldview Study Bible features extensive worldview study notes and articles by notable Christian scholars to help Christians better understand the grand narrative and flow of Scripture within the biblical framework from which we are called to view reality and make sense of life and the world. Guided by general editors David S. Dockery and Trevin K. Wax, this Bible is an invaluable resource and study tool that will help you to discuss, defend, and clearly share with others the truth, hope, and practical compatibility of Christianity in everyday life.

Features include:

·Extensive worldview study notes

·Over 130 articles written by more than 120 notable Christian scholars

·Center-column references

·Smyth-sewn binding

·Presentation page

·Two ribbon markers

·Two-piece gift box

General Editors: David S. Dockery and Trevin Wax


The Christian Standard Bible has become one of my go-to translations – because of its readability. Although it is not the most formally equivalent translation, it is a great resource for personal Bible reading and study. The Worldview Study Bible is a great addition to the CSB Study Bibles product line. Here are a few great characteristics:

  1. The Number of Contributors. The Worldview Study Bible has 121 contributors to this one study Bible. The number of contributors allows the reader/student to hear (or read) from several different authors from different walks of life in and different perspectives on the Christian worldview.
  2. Additional Resources. Not only are the contributors very extensive, also just as extensive are the resources within the study Bible. Of course, there are commentaries, but there are also various essays regarding many different worldviews such as Jehovah’s Witness, Mormonism, New Age, The New Atheism, and Christian Science. There are also essays on different contributing factors to our worldview like biblical formation, capitalism, the Trinity, and a biblical view of work.
  3. Timelines. Within the introduction of each book in the canon of Scripture is a timeline of history for the specific book. For example, the book of Deuteronomy covers nearly two thousand years of time in its writing. The study Bible gives this timeline’s high points in the introduction to the book.
  4. Worldview Elements. Also included in every introduction is a section titled, “Christian Worldview Elements.” These sections have the same three sub-categories for every book: 1) teachings about God, 2) teachings about humanity, and 3) teachings about salvation.


For someone who has been interested in apologetics for many years, I’m excited for the Bible to come into the making. It’s been long overdue. Now more than ever is the Church in need of some biblical, foundational worldview principles taught to its members. Our post-Christian culture is swiftly swaying and it is time for Christians to finally put their minds into the Word and understand why they believe what they do about such issues.

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