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  • Member Care and Life Together
    We are privileged to do life together, yet we are also responsible for one another. We are our brother’s keeper. Let’s recognize that it is not only on the pastor to foster a culture of a thriving church community where member care is shared among the believers that make up the congregation.
  • The Biblical Call for Church Attendance
    by: Matthew Mouser One of the most impactful statements regarding service within the local bodies of believers came in a Vision Cast Sunday from […]
  • Prevenient Grace and Practical Ministry
    By: Dustin Walters  No one can come to be in a state of grace or experience regeneration apart from the drawing of the Holy […]
  • Why Your Belief on Atonement Matters this Easter
    The Easter celebration brings many thoughts and emotions to Christians all over the world. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, while also remember and […]
  • The Ordinary Means of Grace: What They Are and Why They Are Necessary
    The ordinary means of grace are the sufficient means by which we must operate the ministries of the local church because they are the means ordained by God to entrust the gospel to His people.
  • How to Treat a New (Young) Pastor
    By Matt Mouser The following thoughts will come across more as a letter of appreciation than a theological essay regarding doctrine. Despite that fact, […]



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