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  • Local Association Revitalization: What Does It Look Like?
    In the first piece written regarding Baptist associations, it was discussed about the purpose and definition of these institutions. Historically, these assemblies were put […]
  • In Defense of General Atonement
    By Matthew J. Mouser The extent of the atonement is somewhat of a complex issue because there are often other theological conclusions that are […]
  • Introducing A New Contributor
    Welcome to the Everyday Theology Team, Matthew Mouser! As a native Nashvillian, Matthew grew up immersed in church culture. While initially answering the call […]
  • Longing for Christmas
    [Bonus Christmas Blog] We long for Christmas throughout the year because celebrating Christ’s first advent prepares us for his second advent.
  • Is There Still Value in Local Associations?
    By Benjamin G. Campbell We all, at Everyday Theology, are Baptists through and through, specifically holding to the Free Will Baptist tradition. While there […]
  • Meaningful Membership in the Local Church
                Church membership matters. Mark Dever is convinced that “getting this concept of membership right is a key step in revitalizing our churches, evangelizing our […]



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